I’ve Got Nothing

JLH Ghost Whisperer Promo Updated

I have been sitting here for 2 hours and can’t seem to blog about anything good.

1. I started to blog about stuff.

2. But then I thought it was boring.

3. So I blogged about something else.

4. And thought that sounded stupid.

5. So then I watched a little Ghost Whisperer.

6. Jennifer Love-Hewitt never ages.

7. So not fair.

8. The weather is chilly and gray today…..

9. Looks like rain.

10. This should be a good, cozy blogging day.

11. But no such luck.

12. I need to go make brownies for a get together I’m going to tonight.

13. I’m also hungry so I think it wouldn’t hurt to eat a sandwich for lunch.

14. This has been my first blog totally about

15. Nothing in particular.

P.S. Maybe my mojo will be back tomorrow.

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