Tuck Those Buns!

The Hunchback of Notre Dame

Image by scottnj via Flickr

Into the fourth day of  T-Tapp Boot Camp. I’ve managed to survive….which is always a good thing. No more laying on the floor, looking like a dying fish.

1. Knees bent, shoulders back, tuck those buns!

2. Yes, you can!

3. I am hearing that mantra in my head.

4. I am not dead yet.

5. This always makes me happy:)

6. Although, after the workouts I feel sort of dead.

7. That’s just an expression.

8. I don’t REALLY know what dead feels like.

9. Thank goodness.

10. Eventually, I will feel better.

11. Maybe even energized.

12. This workout is teaching me a lot about proper alignment.

13. I don’t want to grow old and look like the Hunchback of Notre Dame.

14. Not a good look for me.

15. So, I’m taking action.

16. While I am still fairly young.

17. And vibrant.

18. Except when I don’t get enough sleep.

19. Then not so much.

20. By Christmas I might look like an entirely different person.

21. People might not recognize me…

22. With newly firmed muscles and excellent posture.

23. That is my Christmas gift to myself.

24. Merry Christmas to me.

25. Take that, skinny jeans!!!!!