Gray, Gray Go Away

Hair coloring

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Yes. I color my hair. I have no trouble admitting that. I think that there are a lot of women that color, high light, or color wash their hair. Whether they admit it or not.

It’s hard when you are blond as a child, and then your hair “turns on you” as you get older. I didn’t want hair that was sort of light brown, sort of dark blond. So, I helped my hair out, with the blond…and have never looked back. I have left instructions with my children. If I should pass away, and there is an open casket (which should happen, in lieu of some catastrophic accident) they better make sure that my hair is colored! If not, I promised I would come back to haunt them. Gray hairs and all. I think I sufficiently scared them.

1. I do not like seeing gray hairs.

2. I blame my kids for those.

3. I know it is time to color when those gray hairs start popping out.

4. I have a deep, philosophical question…

5. Is a gray hair still a gray hair if it is covered with blond, and no one knows the difference?

6. I used to color my own hair. By myself. In secret.

7. It’s cheaper that way.

8. I still sort of color my own hair.

9. The past few times I’ve asked my hubby for some help.

10. It’s easier than trying to do the back of my head by myself.

11. It’s hard to see the back of one’s head.

12. Go figure.

13. I’m assuming he is doing a good job of it.

14. Because no one has said anything to me

15. Like, “what’s with the freaky hair?” or

16. “Are stripes a new look for you?”

17. I must appear normal.

18. Whatever THAT means.

19. ‘Cause those that know me

20. Can really find the humor in that.

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