A Taste Of The Holidays…

Pasas te-chocolate

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My husband and I were at Wal-Mart yesterday afternoon. This is not a shocker to anyone that knows us. We are always forgetting something, and having to make yet another run to Wal-Mart.

1. We were in the check out line.

2. I was perusing the magazine rack, as I am wont to do.

3. While my husband ran the stuff through the scanner.

4. I do not need to see Kate (of Jon and Kate Plus 8 fame) in a bikini.

5. Fame has gone to her head…and obviously to other parts of her body also.

6. ‘Nuff said.

7. Someone was having somebody else’s alien baby.

8. Who knew? And does the Daddy look like the cuties on the show “V” ?

9. Just sayin’.

10. I mean if you are going to be part of an alien couple, he may as well be cute.

11. Before he eats you for dinner.

12. I looked at a country decorating magazine.

13. And planned out some beautiful decorating schemes for our house.

14. I will fill my husband in on that later.

15. Or not.

16. He doesn’t care about decorating the way I do.

17. He’s a man.

18. He is more into function than beauty.

19. Okay.

20. Seriously people, what is the point of gnats?

21. I hate them.

22. I wish it would get cold and they would all die.

23. They keep getting in my tea.

24. Yuck.

25. Anyway, I realize I’m off track.

26. Ummmm……

27. Oh yeah. Then I spotted my magazine.

28. BEST HOLIDAY RECIPES-320 CLASSICS, from Taste Of  Home

29. I convinced my husband that I NEEDED this magazine.

30. It was a matter of life and death.

31. And awesome food that will cause us to gain 900 lbs by January 1st.

32. Just so you know, in case you care…

33. There are no low sugar, low carb, low calorie recipes in this addition.

34. I see a lot of butter.

35. A truckload of sugar.

36. And salt is your new best friend.

37. If you are going to die, you may as well go with a big smile on your face.

38. And a full stomach.

39. I’ve already decided on a tasty gift for friends….

40. Enjoy your cinnamon, espresso butter!!!