Stuff That Irks Me

alarm clock, bought from IKEA

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Sometimes I wake up and I’m just irked. Ticked off. Stuff rubs me the wrong way.

Today is…ONE…OF….THOSE…..DAYS.

1. I was in the middle of a good “drama” dream this morning when the alarm clock went off.

2. Ugh.

3. My oldest son, instead of going to his own bed, falls asleep on the couch AGAIN.

4. My kids are slow as slugs when it comes to getting their lazy selves up out of bed.

5. The trash needs to be taken out.

6. We always have a lot of trash.

7. I guess we are just a trashy family.

8. I guess we should recycle more.

9. We are saving aluminum cans.

10. Hey, that is a first step.

11. I’m not getting enough good sleep.

12. It affects me, in the worst way.

13. I’d love to live in a family that actually sleeps at NORMAL times.

14. Like the rest of the world.

15. I used to have a schedule.

16. Back in the day.

17. I need a massage.

18. I’m stressed.

19. It is a constant state.

20. Everyone needs to leave me alone.

21. I watched the news this morning. Big mistake.

22. Some people are idiots.

23. And there is nothing I can do about it.

24. How did these people get elected? What was the public thinking?

25. I can feel my blood pressure rising.

26.  I see that Ahmadinejad denies atrocities AGAIN.

27. What parallel universe does he live in?

28. We live in a bizarro world.

29. I need to go back to bed.

30. My weird dreams make more sense than reality.