Wearing Love On My Sleeve

With Mom

Image by MJIphotos via Flickr

Mom. Mother. Mama

Sweet words to a woman’s soul.

1. I love my mom.

2. Love

3. Respect

4. Appreciate

5. When my children call me mom I realize…

6. No one else in the world gets that name-

7. From my children.

8. It’s special.

9. I admit that sometimes…

10. I wish I could change my name.

11. And run away

12. Far away

13. Because the name Mom holds a lot of responsibility.

14. It’s also the name that prefaces a lot of requests.

15. Like, “Mom, can I?”

16. Or, “Mom will you?”

17. Sometimes, “Mom I need…”

18. I threaten to change my name…

19. My kids say they’d find me

20. So, I give in. And stay.

Because all they have to say is, “I love you”, and it’s all over with.