Fall Fashion

Those Pink Boots

Image by dirac3000 via Flickr

I am a lover of sweaters. Oh, and I love cozy socks too. Um…and scarves. Can’t get enough. A theme going on here? A reason that I adore the cooler temperatures? I suppose so…it would look a little weird if I was wearing a thick sweater, warm and colorful socks and a long fringed scarf. In July. Just sayin’. Not that I haven’t done weird things before. Because I have. Maybe I shouldn’t divulge that. Forget what I just said.

1. All the online catalogs have their Fall clothes now.

2. I like looking at them.

3. I like changing the sweater colors on the models.

4. Interactive catalogs are fun that way.

5. It’s kind of like a new version of Barbie dolls.

6. I digress.

7. I am now wanting a new cardigan.

8. Except I want to look like the model wearing it in the catalog.

9. The less fluffy version of me.

10. The one that is perfectly coiffed.

11. The one with no stains on her shirt.

12. The one who looks like she slept well.

13. The one who has on make up.

14. Sigh.

15. I also want a pair of boots.

16. I have my eye on a hot pink pair that I saw at Tractor Supply.

17. Hey, they have some good stuff there.

18. My husband said he would deny knowing me if I bought those.

19. And wore them.

20. Hmmppfff. He has no fashion sense.

21. I’m getting them.

22. And I’ll wear them everywhere.

23. They will eventually grow on him. Or not.

24. After all hot pink mud boots are happy boots.

25. And who wouldn’t love that?