Dreaming of…VAMPIRES??!!

Shadow of Count Orlock, in the film Nosferatu

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I’ve been a vampire fan since my senior year in high school. That’s when it all started. It was the silliest movie, Fright Night. Don’t blame me. I was 17. Seventeen year olds usually don’t have good taste.

1. I am a vivid dreamer.

2. My dreams always seem very real. VERY REAL.

3. In the early morning hours, of this morning, I dreamed about vampires.

4. Yes, vampires.

5. And no, not the Twilight kind.

6. I’ve never even read a Twilight Series book.

7. Only saw the first quarter of the first movie before I fell asleep.

8. True story. Don’t hurt me.

9. I prefer Bela Lugosi.

10. Or Nosferatu.

11. Have you ever seen him? Now, he will scare your socks off.

12. Or cute vampires, like Keifer Sutherland in Lost Boys.

13. Vampires can be cute too.

14. That’s always nice to know.

15. Just in case.

16. Or like Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt in Interview With A Vampire.

17. That was a good, time period piece.

18. I like that.

19. So anyway, back to me and my dream.

20. I was at some sort of a party.

21. And I was still me, but younger.

22. I was sort of a Buffy like character.

23. You know “the slayer” type.

24. I was out to kick some scary, evil, vampire butt.

25. Go figure.

26. It was dark.

27. And creepy.

28. And I got nervous and had to use the bathroom.

29. They never show that in the movies.

30. In real life… um… dream life…..fighting vampires is not easy.

31. And since I have a bladder the size of a pea…

32. I thought I should take care of business.

33. Before I took care of business.

34. If you know what I mean.

35. My friends were down by the dock.

36. Why do people go outside in the dark?

37. Down next to the water.

38. Where it is dark and foggy?

39. For cryin’ out loud.

40. Now, I had to go down there.

41. And save them from an eternity of being one of the undead.

42. They so owe me.

43. I remember sneaking around.

44. And this one lady told me that the vampires knew me.

45. What?!?

46. They knew I was coming.

47. How come they always know that kind of thing?

48. So, off I went.

49. And wouldn’t you know it….

50. Just as I get there, my alarm clock went off.