The Day The World Changed


Image by Bill Strong via Flickr

September 11, 2001. I remember.

A beautiful Tuesday morning


I drove to work

where I taught elementary school


My young son was with me.

Only an hour and and a half into the school day

everything changed. I remember.

A third grade teacher ran to the door of my room

and said, “Quick turn on your TV”

I instead walked to the office and there I saw the first

tower in flames.

I was watching when the second tower was hit.

My heart stopped. I remember.

The rest of the day, I was numb.

My students didn’t fully understand

We just kept going.

Trying to be normal

Through the tears.

At the time this happened I, myself, had been widowed for 10 months. I was already dealing with death in my own life when this horrible thing happened. I remember thinking in the school office, as I watched the tragedy unfold…this can’t be real. It can’t be happening. Is the world coming to an end? I tried to keep my emotions under control so I didn’t scare my students…but, they knew something was wrong. Terribly wrong. One of my 2nd grade students prayed in the classroom. And I didn’t stop her….because we all knew…. That God heard our pain that fateful day in early September.

Though I didn’t know the people who lost their lives, personally…I will not forget them. The people at work in the towers, the people on the flights, the police and firemen……and those they left behind.

I remember.