I Should Have Slept Standing Up

Shoulder blade.

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Since my back/shoulder are all out of whack, sleeping has not been easy. Or restful.  Have you tried to sleep when your shoulder blade is killing you? Can’t sleep on your back. Ouch. Can’t sleep on the side with the aching shoulder blade. It hurts. Can’t sleep on the other side because the arm on the “bad side” keeps flopping over and causing back pain. Can’t lay on my stomach. Not comfortable for me regardless of the back issues.

I flopped around last night like a dying fish. And woke up this morning looking like one. If I thought I could have managed it, I would have slept standing up. I thought better of it…if I had slept standing up, I would have eventually fallen over, cracking my head on the hard floor. Maybe even getting a concussion–to add to my other pain ridden body parts. Ugh. So instead I stayed in bed, desperately trying to rearrange myself to some semblance of comfort. I probably drove my dear husband to insanity. Or not. I don’t think he woke up, not even once. Even when I kicked him, accidentally of course. He awoke looking fresh as a daisy, unlike his wife who resembled something one might see in the Dawn of The Dead movies. Just sayin’.

I’m going to try and make it through my sleep deprived day and hopefully not scare my husband, my kids, or any cute,small animals in the process.