Another Day…Another Dollar.

1. Another day, another dollar. No wait. No dollar.

2.I work, but I don’t get paid. With, you know, real money.

3. As the mom I would consider taking payments in massage sessions.

4. That would help with the stress.

5. ‘Cause I get stressed, which causes tense muscles. Which requires a massage. Makes perfect sense to me. Duh.

6.I have to go to the grocery store today.

7.Because my family has to eat.

8. I wish they didn’t eat so much.

9.It would make for cheaper grocery bills.

10. I found another mouse in the master bath today.

11. They are getting in through a hole where the plumbing goes into the wall.

12.The mouse I found was dead. In the nifty trap.

13. No sorrow here.

14. Everyone is working right now.

15. Except me. I’m blogging. Which isn’t work. It’s fun.

16. It’s better than therapy.

17. Not that I know much about therapy, mind you.

18. I’m watching Hurricane Earl reports on the news.

19. All the meteorologists will be standing on beaches.

20. In 150 m.p.h wind, rain pelting them in the face.

21. Hope no one gets swept out into the Atlantic as they try to keep us updated.

22. Weather people live for this stuff.

23. At least I’m in Ohio. Far away from Earl.

24. Safe in my pasture land. With the mice.

25. Filthy, stinkin’ rodents. Blech.

26. The kids are working quietly.

27. This always scares me.

28. The kids are not normally quiet.

29. They may be plotting.

30. I should go check.