In 1983 I Was A Sophomore

When my son was small he asked me, “What is this thing?” ,as he held up a record. “It looks like the biggest CD ever!” As I explained to him what a record was I began to feel like an ancient artifact. For cryin’ out loud. Later when he was in school he had to decide where he would like to go if given a time machine. He said, “Way back to the 80’s”. I wish I could tell you he meant the 1880’s…but no, he meant the 1980’s. I told him I could tell him anything he wanted to know, just ask. I was there. Aaahhhh…the mind of an 8 year old.

It is now seven years later. He doesn’t ask me those questions anymore, but he does say stuff like “back in the day”, or “you know Mom, when you were young”. It makes me feel so good to hear my son discussing my childhood as if it was during the Stone Ages. Yeah, Fred Flintstone and I were tight.

I tell him that I was fifteen once.  In 1983. A sophomore in high school. Times were good….and if I’m feeling particularly honest, yes, it does seem like a million years ago. I want to know where the time went? When did it sneak up on me? When did I stop listening to music too loud, worried about my fashion sense, had to have the permed hair, read Seventeen magazine, talked to my friends on a REAL phone, and could stay up all night at slumber parties? When was the girl replaced with a woman?

Sometimes I look at my teenage children and I have to smile. They think I’m old. But….I haven’t forgotten what it was to be young and goofy.  There are plenty of things I remember…and stories that I will just keep to myself. Thank you very much. My kids aren’t going to be with me much longer. Not really. Soon they will be gone, off to discover their new world of young adulthood. Having their own adventures. Meeting new people. Making their own decisions. Part of me wants to sit them down and tell them that they need to pay attention! Don’t be stupid. One day they too will be 42 years old, looking back…wondering where the time went. I’m sure my mom felt the same way about me. Knowing my mom, I’d say she did a lot of praying during the 80’s.

Sigh. Life is short. It goes  by way to fast. The years fly. One day you are in the drivers seat looking out at the road that lays ahead…and than you find yourself, on occasion, looking in the rear view mirror. Not that you want to go back, because there is still a lot of road ahead to travel, but it is nice to remember.

Truthfully, I wouldn’t want to go back to high school. I enjoyed it while there but, each stage of life has had its good points and its bad points. Being in my 40’s isn’t so bad. I am old enough to be able to share my wisdom with others, and still young enough to have my wits about me. It’s a good combination:)

In the meantime, I will discuss with my kids the merits of good personal hygiene, going to bed at a decent time, having a good work ethic and how to cook. Their future spouses will appreciate me.