Pumpkin Moon and Attack Kitties

Last night I stepped out on the front porch. It was dark and it took my eyes some time to adjust. When one lives  in the country, out in the middle of a field…well….it gets dark. Like black dark.

The moon had just cleared the horizon and was making it’s slow ascent into the sky. The moon was a beautiful, mellow, orange. The air had a chill, not cold…but, definitely not warm either. I could of used a sweatshirt, but didn’t feel like going back in to get one….so I stood on the porch and was on the brink of chilly. My own fault for being lazy.

Soon the moon was up high enough that it bathed my front yard in a pumpkin-like glow. The moon made me think of Fall. In the distance I could hear the train as it made it’s evening jaunt down the tracks. Our dog barked over in the side yard and I heard a muffled meow from one of our porch cats–somewhere in the field–stalking who knows what. I watched headlights way off in the distance, on the far side of our neighbors hay field.

The stars started to make their appearance. They really were shining on this cool, almost Fall, night. All was still. It was very peaceful as I soaked in the night time sky. When all of a sudden WHAM!!! Out of the front flower bed something black and white flew through the air. AT ME. Before I could move, or scream, or well ANYTHING….I had a kitten on me. Our little kitten wanted to show me some love, but unknown to him he nearly gave me a heart attack. I can picture it now. Fifteen minutes goes by. No one in the family sees mom. Hmm…..Where is she? You seen mom? No. You seen mom? No. How about you? No. Is she in the bathroom? No. Is she in the laundry room? No. Deck? No. Where is she? By this time a good half hour has gone by. Maybe an hour…depending on if the kids (or hubby) wants me for anything in particular. Finally, they’d make their way out to the front porch. Only to find me laying there half dead from a heart attack –and what wasn’t already scared to death, was being licked to death by a very aggressive kitten. That is exactly how it would go down too. I’m not lying.

Lucky for my family that I’ve got a pretty good ticker.