Fall Is Right Around The Corner

My friend and I walk in the morning at 6am. We’ve noticed the past few days that it is darker in the morning than it used to be. Fall is on the way. The school bus whizzed by us this morning. Here in our rural part of Ohio, it is the first day of school. Fall is coming. The blazing heat of summer is beginning to give way to a bit of coolness. Fall will be here soon.

All my monthly magazines are starting to have their Fall color issues. September. October. November. The months that hold beautiful colors of gold, orange, burgundy, red, brown and yellow. MIDWEST LIVING magazine has a great article about Autumn get aways. It makes me want to head to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan to Hiawatha National Forest, Indiana’s Amish country, or Door County,Wisconsin. Of course my state of residence, Ohio, is also beautiful in the Fall! In THE SATURDAY EVENING POST there is a article this month titled Living Colors. The author is talking about Autumn in New England. It is true that the northeastern part of our country really knows how to put on a good color show at this time of year…but, those hand full of states are not the only ones!

The state I just moved from, Tennessee, has some of the most beautiful Fall foliage I’ve ever seen. The colors do come later in the south than to their northern counterparts, but it is worth the wait. The Blue Ridge Parkway and The Great Smoky Mountains of Tennessee and North Carolina are absolutely breathtaking.

As the days progress with a bit of chill in the air, leaves begin to change color, and school is underway…I will stand back and drink it all in.

Oh, Autumn. How I love you.


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