Elephant Elbows

It is time to take stock of my situation. I’m speaking of my elbows. I know they have gotten rough…and I might add, what is with that? What do my elbows do to get rough? It makes absolutely no sense to me. I now am the proud owner of “elephant elbows”. They are rough, dry, wrinkly, and ashy looking. That is not attractive. Not that I see my elbows all that much. But still…..yucky elbows could mess up my whole “look”. Not that I have “a look”, but you know what I mean. I mean who wants to go through life with virtual strangers pointing and staring and making comments under their breath about elephant elbows? What’s a girl to do? I can understand rough feet. I walk on them all day. They are battered and abused. But elbows???  I will slather on some lotion and hope for the best. Life is too short not to have smooth elbows.

3 thoughts on “Elephant Elbows

  1. so that’s the right term
    for my elbow concern
    i too have done so much
    without any luck
    how can an elbow
    make me sorrow
    i thought it somehow
    while sipping juice with a straw

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