Real or Make Believe-I’m A Small Town Girl

Small town life. Sure I romanticize it. I know….but…….. I can’t help it. I’d love to live in Stars Hollow. In this house.

The fact that Stars Hollow is on a sound set somewhere instead of in Connecticut, well…..that is beside the point. I want to live in small town Connecticut where there is a local diner, crazy town meetings, a beautiful town square, quirky people and an inn….. And I love Loralei’s porch. Porches are a thing with me. I love them. Is there such a thing as porch love? I guess so because I have it.

Or maybe I’ll live here.

Roslyn, Northern ExposureThis is the small town from the 90’s show, Northern Exposure. It was supposedly set in Alaska…but, in reality is nestled in the mountains of Roslyn, Washington. It would be interesting to have a moose walking down your town’s street. Not that I’d want to run into one. I hear they can be mean. Of course in my idyllic small town, all moose would be nice. It’s my dream….I can do whatever I want.

Hmmmm…….or maybe I could live here!

File:Baileyhouse101.jpgDo you recognize this house? I’ll give you a hint. The guy that lived here was named George. It’s the house at 320 Sycamore in Bedford Falls, New York. If I lived in this small town, Christmas would always be special and filled with love. Sigh. And the snow would look pretty and no one would have to shovel it. Ever. It would be such a wonderful life!

This is a picture of a real life small town that is close to my heart. I can see myself here…and loving every minute of it. Those of you that know me, know where my “happy place” is…….

Jackson, Wyoming! Small town feel with some wild west kick. I love this place. Really. Forever.

For those of you that are big city folks…..well, what’s wrong with you??!! Just teasing. To each his own. I love small towns and I always will.  Actually I live right outside of town….and really it’s not even a town, it’s a village. The population is too small to call it a town. We have a gas station/convenience store, a pizza place, library, park, a post office and fire station. Other businesses have came and went over the years. But, I like it!