Brain Clutter

For someone who is an avid organizer, loves her Daytimer, and thinks color coded calendars are the bomb…..I’ve had amazing brain clutter lately. You know what I mean. I have about a bazillion things to do, most of which are little things—just a lot of little things. A lot of little things that build up to a mountain of brain “junk”. I don’t like the junk. I’ve already got enough junk in my trunk, I don’t need it in my head too! Agghh! Not that I’d rather have an empty brain, though on some days I wonder if that might not be easier.

I will share a secret with you. I am in love with the person that invented the Post It notes. I know creating those was actually an accident, but whatever. I still love the person because I adore their product and have become a Post It note aficionado. I have them everywhere and in all different colors. I also have a special bond with highlighters. The brighter the better. I especially like the blinding neon yellow. It just screams, “LOOK AT ME”! Oh, and paper clips. I like the colored ones better than the plan jane ones. I really like the super humongous jumbo paper clips. One can clip a lot of stuff with those babies.

I think it is the teacher in me that loves office/school supplies. Since school is getting ready to start, all the stuff is out for the new school year. I’m as happy as can be buying organizing tools for myself…..oh yeah, and for my kiddos. Um….that’s right. They are the ones still in school. They don’t appreciate the glory of it all. Not as much as their supply- lovin’ mom. Just sayin’.

Hopefully, all the supplies will help me reduce my brain clutter and get back on the straight and narrow to organization bliss. Either that, or my family might find me laying under a mountain of  highlighted Post It’s. Whichever happens first.