In yesterday’s post I made the comment that I hate flies….and I wasn’t kidding. I really do. Yesterday I went out to get the mail, which is like the highlight of my day. While on the deck I was ambushed by THEM. I’m not talking your average house fly, small but annoying. I’m not even talking about the dreaded horse fly. Bigger and yet still annoying. I’m talking about flies that are big enough to carry off small pets…and maybe even young children. I have never seen flies as big as this in my life. I’m serious. I had opportunity to study the specimen as it clung to my kitchen window screen. I’d say that it was around the size of my thumb. And yes, it was a fly. I know a fly with it’s beady little eyes when I see it. Duh. Who knew that they grow such big flies, here in Ohio? Ohioans probably don’t want that little tidbit to get out to the public.

I think I might have nightmares. Maybe, just maybe the regular house flies have gotten into something that has mutated them into these monsters. I am concerned for our out door cats. They are out there to fend for themselves.

Who knows, we might end up like this!!!