Cat Puke

Isn’t that a lovely title for today’s blog entry? I thought you’d like it. I could have been more sophisticated and said, “feline vomit” but, I figured you appreciate my down to earth grittiness and flair for words. So, I went with puke.

The reason I have puke on the mind is…well…I almost stepped in it. More than once. Because I don’t feel like cleaning it up. Even though I eventually will. It’s just gross right now. I found IT this morning. When it was still kind of dark outside. Opening the laundry room door to go for my morning walk. There was my good morning present from one of the outdoor cats. I’m such a lucky gal. I almost had it all over my tennis shoe, and I would have, if it hadn’t been for my athletic agility and extraordinary balance. (and for those of you who know me–that is a big, fat, honkin’ lie) In reality I did miss it, but it was just dumb luck. I didn’t realize what it was in the half dark. I thought it was a dead something one of the cats had dragged home. (literally) Upon further, totally gross, inspection I realized that it looked a lot like half digested Meow Mix. Hmmm…..go figure.

Upon even further inspection I noticed two more places that the cat(s) heaved. Evidently, they feel their delicate taste buds are too special to eat Meow Mix. Yet, they’ll eat a field mouse. I don’t get it. That along with today’s discovery and the nasty bird poo from the baby birds we have nesting on our porch deck and wa la you’ve got a veritable mind field to trek through. I quietly closed the door and went for my morning walk with my friend….leaving all thoughts of my nasty deck behind me. As I was mulling over the morning conversation I had with my walking buddy and pondering our solutions for world peace, or at least how to have our own peace with teenagers in our homes….I almost stepped in it again. I wasn’t paying attention. My lofty ideas were cut short, by the problem at hand. Or problems at foot…Whatever.

I shot the two cats a nasty look. They didn’t even flinch.  They just laid there. On the deck chairs. Not really caring about the remains of last nights dinner at my feet. Arrggh!

I still haven’t cleaned it. I will. I guess.

I graduated from college with a degree. I’ve traveled. Seen interesting things. Spoken with fascinating people. I can intelligently converse on educational law….and yet, here I am. Me and the cat puke. It just puts everything in perspective, doesn’t it?