So Hot, It Sizzles

It’s hot here. Really, hot. I don’t care for hot. As a matter of fact I really hate hot. I know it isn’t as hot here in Ohio as it is on the east coast right now, or in the southwest part of the country…but still, any hot is uncomfortable. Oh, I also strongly dislike humidity. So does my hair. It does no good to curl my hair and then walk outside. As soon as I do my hair goes back to its natural, “straight as a stick” look. That’s not fair. Did I already mention that I hate humidity?

I would have been a real dud as a pioneer woman. No air conditioning. No electricity for fans. Lots of flies hanging around (which I also don’t like!). Plus I would have had to go outside to do my chores, and I would have sweat. Ick. I would never have made it. All that aside…having to use an outhouse on a hot, humid summer day. That would have put me over the edge. I would never have made it. My family would have found me passed out in the back field, with a very full bladder.

Yes, I suppose I am spoiled with air conditioning….but, air conditioning has made me a better person. Really. Just the other day my mom and I were discussing the fact that I did not have air conditioning growing up. We lived in northern Maryland. It gets hot and humid there. I guess back in the 70’s when the house was being built, air conditioning was optional. We opted for no. What were my parents thinking???? People in the 70’s must not have not cared about sweat. Just sayin’.

I guess I’m going to go get something cold to drink….and enjoy my air conditioning, as I look out my kitchen window at the llamas across the road. They are woolly. I bet they are hot. I wonder if llamas sweat? I’m glad I’m not a llama.