Bird Poop and Other Nasty Stuff

We have swallows that have taken up residence on our side deck. The deck we like to sit out on and commune with nature….except, I don’t really enjoy the poopier side of nature. The birds decided a while back that they found the perfect perch for their nest. The location is on top of a covered electrical outlet way up on the side of our house. (the kind of outlet one plugs Christmas lights into) Well…..the proud parents have two hungry babies. That has been interesting to watch, the babies and all. I just don’t like mom and dad and their poop. Gross. Not to mention if someone (namely ME) is standing out on the deck, too close to said nest, the birds dive bomb me. They look like they are coming straight for me, and then they make a strong 90 degree turn. They are trying to scare me. But I am bigger than they are….I say this yet, I might require some therapy later on, as this experience is causing me to have Alfred Hitchcock “Birds” type nightmares.

The little feathered dive bombers can rest easy, I’m not interested in eating their babies….but, I cannot say the same for our two outdoor cats, Salem,and Nikki Stix. The cats lay around on the deck all day, like cats normally do. Doing a whole lot of nothing. Right under the bird nest. I hate to mention this, but if one of those babies doesn’t fly very well when the time comes, he will surely be a cat snack. Sad….but, it is the circle of life. Or in the case of baby birds hitting the deck like a sack of wet cement….the circle of certain death. Sorry, but it’s the truth.

Maybe tomorrow I’ll tell you about the angry male llamas across the road from us. I am fascinated by llamas. I think I might have an unhealthy addiction actually. Is it possible to be a llama stalker?

The male llamas like to fight with each other and neck wrestle, while they are making some sort of high pitched screechy noise. Boys will be boys I guess. Who knew living out here in the sticks would be such an adventure? This is like having an up close and personal live episode of Animal Kingdom….with surround sound. Cool.