Breathe Deeply

I had letters to take to the mailbox today. I walked down the driveway, deposited the letters into the mailbox, stuck the flag up and turned around. I stopped. Before me lay a scene, straight out of Farm and Ranch magazine. A bright blue sky dotted with cottony clouds. Green grass in our yard, with the “prairie grass” blowing in the distance. The back of our property where we butt up against the farm behind us, was alive with the sounds of farming. The tractor was coming over the hill, just as I turned. It was quiet except for the tractor sounds and the birds chirping in the field. I closed my eyes for a second and just took a deep breath……….

I love living in the country. I love it for so many reasons, not the least of which is that there is not the congestion here that one finds in the city. Do I miss the convenience of having everything nearby? Do I miss the wide variety of things that living in the city offers? Yes, to an extent. Those things are nice…..but, for the peace and joy that living here, in the rural midwest, gives me….it is worth it.

There is something to be said for life at a slower pace. When I lived in an urban area in the south, I don’t remember stopping to close my eyes and just breathe in the air. I don’t remember being able to drive for quite a distance without seeing another living creature except for an occasional ground hog or deer, plus I have a renewed appreciation for the farmers that provide us with our weekly groceries.

I guess no matter where one chooses to live there are things that are given up, for other things that are savored.

As for me, I think I might spend some time on the deck this evening……enjoying the sunset.

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