Busy With A Capital B

Good Morning Blog Friends,
I have been very busy these last several days. Doesn’t life have a way of doing that? Nothing going on and then WHAM! Overloaded. Bogged Down. Time Schedules.
I miss my blog when I don’t get a chance to write. I am going to attempt to carve out some time tomorrow to blog. This will be between my grocery shopping in the morning and my son’s birthday party in the evening. My son is turning 15. I will have a house full of teenage boys. I question my sanity in all this, but all things considered it should be a fun night for my son…and that makes me happy.
So, with all that said, I am off to teach some 5th graders today. This subbing gig I have going on is pretty cool. It’s always an adventure.
Everyone have a good day today. Catch me tomorrow, I should have a new blog by evening. (fingers crossed)