The health care debate  is causing me to consider heart care. No, I’m not talking about cardiac care. I’m talking about  how we view others.  How do we measure another’s worth? Are we concerned with what a person can “give back” to society before we will invest in their health? Does that make a person worthy? If their treatment is too much of a burden on an insurance company, is their life deemed unworthy?  When they are no longer “cost effective”? If a person will not be able to have a high paying job because of limited intellectual ability, to help pay taxes one day, are they still worthy? What if a person looks “different” or struggles to have intelligent speech, or has legs that won’t work properly?  What if they are older? Frail? What then? Are they worthy? What makes a person valuable? What makes a person real?  Is a person intrinsically valuable because of WHO they are, or only WHAT they are able to contribute?

Jesus had plenty to say about the value of each person, each life…..regardless of what society says, or what might be coming down the road with healthcare. God, Himself, gives a person value. We are all created in the image of the Almighty. It is He that declares a person’s worth. If we choose to look at others the way The Great Physician does, we will understand that investing in others is always good heart care.

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