Tick, Tick…Tock

The ticking I am starting to hear, is me… aging. Ugh. Make that a double ugh.  Several months ago I noticed a very faint, barely visible to the naked eye, brown spot on my left hand. Is that dirt? Do I have a new freckle? Upon closer (microscopic) inspection, I came to the conclusion that it was indeed an age spot. How fair is that…I’m just 41 (oh, okay…next month I’ll be 42)…BUT STILL!

To make things even worse I noticed gray hair. Now in all fairness those gray hairs have probably been there for awhile, I just had them cleverly disguised as blond. I’ve been too tired lately to bother with the dying of my hair. When did those gray hairs pop up? I blame it on my kids. It’s easier that way. Anyway, that is my story and I’m sticking to it.

I was talking to my husband last evening. I asked him where our young bodies went? When we were both a lot more slender and in shape. I for one think my young body ran off somewhere. I need to track it down. I prefer the one I had at 21. Hmmmm…..where could it be? I’m looking for the one that defied gravity, the one where all my clothes fit  me perfectly. Yeah, that one. Sigh.

Over the past month I’ve noticed some brown splotches on my face. Great. So, I did what any self respecting woman would do. I googled it. This is what I found.

These dark patches on the skin are called solar lentigenes, hyperpigmentation, or less formally, sun spots. These discolorations are not cancerous and don’t cause negative effects on your skin health. If you neglect sunscreen or have neglected sunscreen in the past, chances are you have a few of these sun spots on your face, neck and hands.

So, the tanning I used to do as a young(er) person has come back to bite me in the ….FACE. Aggggghhhhhhh! That stinks.

There is one positive note to all this aging. I have fairly smooth and wrinkle free skin. I remember having oily skin as a teen. My dermatologist told me one day (not then of course) I would appreciate having this skin type. The oils in my skin would keep my skin soft and smooth and I wouldn’t wrinkle as early. So far, so good. The doctor seems to know what he was talking about. So, even though I’m splotchy and “fluffy” (doesn’t that sound so much better) and graying….I still am not wrinkly. I realize that it is only a matter of time.  I hear the tick..tick..tock. Stupid clock.

Finally, I will end today’s blog by saying that I saw Raquel Welch on FOX news last week. She was promoting a new book. The woman is 69 years old and she is still drop dead gorgeous. Whatever she is using, I want some! I’m not kidding.