Friendship–The Perfect Blendship

I have a lot of friends. Last night I was pondering all the ways that friends have touched my life through the years. Facebook has allowed me to get back in touch with childhood friends, friends from jobs I’ve had, high school, college, home school groups, teachers groups, church, family, friends of friends……. People can like social media. Or not. One thing is for certain, it has opened up a whole new world of communication. There is something comforting about being able to chat with a childhood friend that I haven’t seen in twenty years, yet the banter between us feels as if we just saw each other yesterday. There is something nostalgic about talking with a college dorm mate. We share memories that no one else knows about. There is a bond in my friendships that social media has allowed me to strengthen….and for that I am grateful.

I don’t know if you ever feel this way….but, sometimes I wonder about my own life. How many people have I touched? Has my life made a difference to others? You know what I mean. Sure, I have family that loves me. (and that is definitely the most important) But, how do my friends down through the years remember me? Do they laugh when something crosses their mind? Do they smile when they recall a certain memory? Most people have friends that come and go throughout their lives. A few friends that are forever. Some friendships might be brief, and others are a part of you– as if you were separated at birth. Every friendship has a reason, and each one has a season. Each is important. Through the years my friends have laughed with me, cried with me, been my cohorts in crime (not really, Mom!). They have challenged me with new thoughts or ideas, listened to me as I explained how I felt, worked with me, danced with me, shared joys, and held hands during sorrow. Advice, compassion, anger and a multitude of other emotions.

Social media has allowed me to reach out to my friends in ways that I was unable to before. I love to write, but I would have never been able to find the addresses of all these people that the internet has brought my way. Does the internet take the place of face to face relationships? Of course not. (although a lot of my friends online I DO know face to face) It sure does “bring it home” though, that a lot of people have touched my life through the years—and I’ve touched theirs too. It kind of makes the world seem like a much smaller place.