The Seed Catalog

I have been leafing through my Burgess Seed and Plant Co. catalog. This is a sure sign that Spring is just around the corner. We moved into our newly built house last July, so it was past the time to plant anything. Well, we did plant some things in October that we were hoping would remain dormant through the winter months. I’m hoping that I’ll have some pretty bushes that will show themselves in another month or so…… I really want to get lavender for my front flower beds, and I want lilac bushes. I had 3 lilac bushes back in Tennessee and I loved them!  I also want a hydrangea bush. Oh, and some hostas because they are so easy to grow.  All these flowers smell so good. My plan is to plant them at the front of the house around the front porch and under the living room, and kitchen windows. Then in the Spring and Summer I can have the windows open and the house will smell so good. That is the plan anyway.  I’m not as familiar with the Ohio seasons yet. I don’t want to plant and then get a hard frost and everything keels over. I’ll need to check into that.

Scott and I were going to try a vegetable garden this year too. It would be nice to have cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers, beans, and  maybe some squash.  It would be great to have all those veggies picked from our own garden. There is nothing better.

So, that is the plan.

I love all the seasons and have had fun with each one of them. I just hope when we start the planting that we don’t get stuck in all this mud. I’ve been told that mud is part of the whole Ohio “spring scene”.  And lots of it.