Continuation of Yesterday

It has been snowing since 8:30am.  Ohio is pretty much getting dumped on. This makes us day 5 of being inside. Together. All of us. Amen.

Besides the fact that I have all but lost any trace of sanity, I am doing okay on this nature imposed hibernation. Well, husband and I did get out for a very brief time yesterday afternoon. I told him that another big snow was on the way and we NEEDED MILK!!!!  While at our local grocery store we picked up a few other essentials……I mean after all a family needs some ice cream in the middle of a snowstorm. I told you I have a thing about dairy. Hey, I’ll get my dairy how I want, you get it how you want…..

Our mailbox is toast. Remember in yesterday’s blog I mentioned the snow plow dilemma? Our mailbox now is leaning to one side. It is bent AND the door will not close. I know this because when getting the mail yesterday I attempted to beat it back into shape. It didn’t work…and if the neighbors saw me they probably think I am nuts. Doesn’t everyone go out and attack their mailbox? Am I really all that weird?  Stop laughing. I was TRYING to fix it.  I guess we’ve officially joined the local chapter of the WINTER MAILBOXES OF RURAL AMERICA CLUB.

That my friends is how my day is going, how about yours?

One thought on “Continuation of Yesterday

  1. We have been hibernating here to in our corner of Ohio. The kids have had 2 days off so far, don’t know what tomorrow will bring. The wind is the problem now.
    Our mailbox is safe so far but we have only seen the snow plow once.
    I got a lot done yesterday. It made me remember how much I really accomplished back when the kids were all small and I stayed home much more. It was fun to stay in my jammies all day too by the fireplace.

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