Continuation of Yesterday

It has been snowing since 8:30am.  Ohio is pretty much getting dumped on. This makes us day 5 of being inside. Together. All of us. Amen.

Besides the fact that I have all but lost any trace of sanity, I am doing okay on this nature imposed hibernation. Well, husband and I did get out for a very brief time yesterday afternoon. I told him that another big snow was on the way and we NEEDED MILK!!!!  While at our local grocery store we picked up a few other essentials……I mean after all a family needs some ice cream in the middle of a snowstorm. I told you I have a thing about dairy. Hey, I’ll get my dairy how I want, you get it how you want…..

Our mailbox is toast. Remember in yesterday’s blog I mentioned the snow plow dilemma? Our mailbox now is leaning to one side. It is bent AND the door will not close. I know this because when getting the mail yesterday I attempted to beat it back into shape. It didn’t work…and if the neighbors saw me they probably think I am nuts. Doesn’t everyone go out and attack their mailbox? Am I really all that weird?  Stop laughing. I was TRYING to fix it.  I guess we’ve officially joined the local chapter of the WINTER MAILBOXES OF RURAL AMERICA CLUB.

That my friends is how my day is going, how about yours?