Living In La La Land

The dog ate all the cats’ food. Furry thief. He is currently in the cat bed. He has his own place, but seems to like the cat bed better. Whatever. Maybe he is confused. He fits right in around here.

We only have 3/4 of a gallon of milk left and it is supposed to snow again tonight and tomorrow and Wednesday. We need milk. It’s a thing with me. If we have milk all will be okay. We can be snowbound. If we don’t have milk, well, we might not make it. Just sayin’. I can see the newspaper story now. FAMILY OF FIVE FOUND AFTER SPRING THAW. LACK OF DAIRY WAS TO BLAME FOR THEIR UNTIMELY DEMISE. LAST WORDS FROM MOTHER SCRAWLED ON A NAPKIN….” I KNEW WE SHOULD HAVE GOTTEN MORE MILK. PREFERABLY 2%.”

This morning the sun is streaming in through the kitchen windows. The snow piled up outside looks as if it has a million diamonds in it. On that subject let me just say that black granite counter tops are gorgeous UNTIL the sun shines in across them and one sees every speck of dust known to mankind. Black appliances and counters, one would think, would HIDE dust and dirt. Um… Trust me on this one.  Unfortunately for me, ,I am just obsessive compulsive enough that I feel the need to wipe everything down. Just because. Not that it won’t look exactly the same by this time tomorrow morning–alas, this is how dust works. UGH.

Since we home school, the kids are still “in class” today. Even though they don’t think it’s fair that the public school is out due to massive amounts of snow and they aren’t.  Oh, well. Don’t feel sorry for them. They have plenty of perks that go along with home schooling, they just want something to gripe about. It’s a teenager thing…. and they do it well. I FIND MYSELF WANTING TO SAY, “WHEN I WAS IN SCHOOL…….” GOOD GRIEF. I SOUND OLD. GREAT. WHEN DID THAT HAPPEN?

I am in my own mood this morning. I am not my usual perky, morning self. (in a house full of NOT perky morning people) Do you ever have days where everything is getting on your last nerve? Well….it is one of those days. WARNING. WARNING. EVACUATE IMMEDIATELY.

I just heard scraping out on the road. It’s the snow plow. Probably plowing our driveway shut. Again. Oh no. This time the snow avalanche hit our mailbox and popped the door of the mailbox open. Great. So now snow can get in and make our mail nice and wet. Lovely. At least our mailbox is still in one piece. Living out here in rural America one sees a lot of mailboxes that have seen the bad end of a snow plow. My friend, who grew up here, informed me that winter mailboxes are attached to the post with a myriad number of things. Duct tape, bungee cords, an old belt….whatever one can find to hold the mailbox together. After all, who wants to spend money on a new mailbox if the plow is just going to destroy it again? Makes sense to me. Our mailbox used to have a fancy piece on top, that had our family name on it. It lasted all of 2 seconds. We found it laying in the ditch last winter. A victim of the plow.

I guess my readers can already “see” what kind of day this is going to be at my house. Thanks for listening as I vented. I feel a little bit better.

I suppose I should go feed the cats…….

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