The Possibilities In The Impossible

That’s impossible! There is no way that would EVER happen! Can’t you see that is just NOT going to work? Life is full of the impossibles. A broken heart. A broken life. A broken person. It is easy for us to believe that there are things in life that are absolutely impossible. Summits we will never reach. A life we will never know. That we are destined only for the ordinary. It’s easy to fall into the trap of the impossible.

Tonight I was thinking about my own life. Every so often I like to reevaluate where I’m going. I’ve been wondering lately if there is something I am missing. I can’t quite put my finger on it. I often find myself asking God, “What’s next?” “Could you please let me in on what is going on?” Do you ever feel like you are on the verge of something, but you just don’t know exactly what?

While thinking through all this, Luke 1:37 came to my mind. “For nothing is impossible with God.” Nothing. Is. Impossible. With. God.  NOTHING. Did you get that? It goes against our human nature to actually consider this verse. To believe it is true. After all isn’t life about all sorts of things that are impossible? God says, “No. Nothing is impossible WITH ME.”  And you know what? I believe Him.