Livin’ The Good Life

One way sing

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Some say to be happy…

to live a life full of glam,

You need lots of money

But that’s sinking sand…

All the money in this world

loaded up with bling

those aren’t the things

that make the heart sing.

The riches the world craves

Leave one empty and cold

One can’t buy what’s important

No matter the gold.

I’d rather have friends

that show they care

Who will help when needed

and are willing to share.

A family that loves me,

and tells me so.

Who want only my best,

And to see that love grow.

The things of this world

can lead to regret

I’d rather have the colors

of a country sunset.

The stillness, the beauty

every star sparkles bright

A breathtaking display

to illuminate the night.

The world full of color

My God, He created

The richness of life

Creativity unabated.

True wealth

has nothing to do with mere things

God, love, and family

They make the heart sing.