The Last Decade

Yesterday I watched a segment on the news about what has happened in the first decade of the 2000’s.  As I watched all the news stories from the past 10 years I was amazed to think of all the time that has slipped by. In 200o we were all worried about Y2K. Were the computers going to crash and send us into cyber darkness? Um….no that obviously never happened.

From the twin towers being hit, to school shootings, presidential elections, wars, and an economy in a nosedive……wow. I think all this has a bigger impact when it is all shown in a 10 minute segment. Almost overwhelming.

Something that struck me while watching this is  that my late husband, Kennis, saw only the very first few months of that decade.  He died, at 34, in the Fall of 2000.  When a person  loses someone significant in their life he/she begins to have a “before and after” mentality. For me it was B.K and A.K (Before Kennis died….and after) I think that it’s impossible not to think like that…. I found myself pondering yesterday, while watching the events unfold before me once again….that Kennis never knew 9/11. He never suffered the visual horror of planes crashing into the twin towers, never heard about the VA. Tech massacre, didn’t get to vote in anymore elections, or see his young son grow up– among the many other things. I often wonder what he’d think if he had lived to see this day in time.

Not that I believe he thinks about these things. He’s too busy with his life in Heaven to worry about the goings on of this world. Those of us who have loved ones who have died….do you ever think that they are waiting on us to join them? Do you think they have a before and after time line?  I don’t think that time has any meaning for them….at least not the confinements of time that we have here. It just occurred to me. Just something to mull over.