Things That Go Boom In The Night!

Early on Christmas morning I was awakened by a loud crash. When I say early, I mean exactly 3:05 am. The reason I know this is because the crash was loud enough to wake me straight out of a deep sleep, but wouldn’t you know that it didn’t seem to bother my husband at all? He slept right through it. Go figure.

I laid there for a minute listening to loud “movement” noises. It sounded like a giant was sliding on the metal roof of our house and then a LOUD crash. Scared me to death. What in the world could that be? Maybe huge, terradactyl like birds living on our roof? I didn’t recall reading about Ohio having any left over prehistoric creatures, so that idea was out.  Besides, if that were the case wouldn’t I have heard them before now?  Hmmm…..genetically altered squirrels that were playing on the roof? Santa’s reindeer? Oh no, maybe Santa slipped on our metal roof and crashed to the ground!  I did not want to be known as “the one who killed Santa”, so I peeked out my bedroom window…and just so you know, I’m not nuts. I was not thinking clearly. Did I mention it was three something in the morning? Okay, then.

Nothing so exciting. No scary birdlike creatures, no mutant squirrels, and certainly no jolly elf.  Several days earlier it had snowed at our house. We had icicles the size of swords hanging off our deck roof. It all looked so Currier and Ives. Well, in the wee hours of Christmas morning God sent us torrential rain. Nothing like Noah’s Ark kind of raining for Christmas! The ice and snow on our roof started to melt because of the pelting rain and big, glacier size pieces slid down our metal roof and WHAM! They crashed on our deck railing and the ground surrounding our deck. Just so you know…packed snow and ice can be VERY loud. Believe me. I know. At 3:05 in the morning. Ugh.

Merry Christmas:)