A Heart Tug

Today I was out in the dining room….cleaning the house.  I was doing my usual stuff, vacuuming and dusting when I turned around and my eye was caught by the Christmas cards I’d hung around the entrance going into the kitchen.  We have lots of Christmas cards.  LOTS.  I stopped what I was doing and re-looked at the cards.  My heart was tugged and my eyes started to get moist (as my son likes to tell me happens often) as I read the messages on the cards.  This year has been a difficult year for my family. Building a house out of state, moving to a new area, totaling my car, my husband’s job loss in the midst of all this…. We’ve learned a lot this year about what it really means to depend on God to provide for all our needs. One thing that I was reminded of today while looking at the cards was how much God has truly blessed me with family and friends. Each one of the signatures on the cards lets me know that there are people in my life who love me. I am not alone. I know that we have hundreds of people all over the country–even the world, that care about us, and have been praying for us throughout this year. That in itself is a gift beyond compare.

I was worried back in the Fall that we wouldn’t have much for Christmas this year. I LOVE Christmas and was sort of depressed thinking that because of our finances we wouldn’t get to do much or give much this year.  It made me sad. But, you know what? God is good. He is good all the time, no matter what the circumstances. He already gave me the wonderful gift of His Son, which we celebrate this time of year. That alone is enough!  BUT, I believe that God knows my heart. He knows I love this time of year. He longs to bless me. As a parent I enjoy giving things to my children–how much more does God wish to do that for me…for His children? God has “gifted” me with friends who have invited us to their homes for Christmas parties and fun dinners. We have a church family that loves us and we are involved with. I have a mom who sent us a goody box filled with treats to bake throughout the holiday season, family that has sent us gifts or gift certificates so that we can get something special, also gifts for the kids. My heart is tugged when I realize I have so much!  My cup runneth over. And over. And over.