Christmas Swag

Do you have a chandelier hanging in your kitchen or dining room? I’m not talking cut crystal or anything like that…I mean just a regular simple chandelier. Well, we have one in our dining room and so I had thought what can I do to dress it up for Christmas without spending any money? For Christmas decorating purposes I had already decided that I was going to hang clear glass Christmas balls on ribbon and tie them to the arms of the chandelier–hanging at different heights for visual appeal. My oldest son had a good idea. He took some greenery and carefully began to weave it through the light, leaving some of the greenery hanging, along with the suspended clear glass balls. Wow. It looks really pretty…and was so simple! We already had the stuff so no money spent. Yea!

Another idea, and a fun craft activity….buy a pack of the clear, hollow plastic Christmas balls. (not much at the Dollar Store) Pop the top off (where the hook goes in the ball) and put a drop of craft paint in the ball. Put your thumb over the hole in the top and twist the ball back and forth so the drop of paint moves around. You can make some really cool patterns, you can use two different paints if you want, but be careful you don’t mix too much or it will look brown instead of showing your intended colors.  After the paint dries, pop the hook thingy back in the top and hang your decoration up!  Wa La! Now you have Art Deco decorations!