Bargain Christmas

Now, I admit I might be a little slow….but, I did not know until recently that Goodwill had shopping online!  If you love Ebay, you’d love too!  I’ve been a fan of Goodwill for years, but I always just went to the store to shop.  (I have an addiction to   comfy T-shirts with crazy slogans on the front) Anyway, I’m getting off task here…. so, on a recent jaunt to the store I noticed a big sign out front that said shoppers should check out their online site.  Never one to turn down a deal I did as they said and was pleasantly surprised.

Now, if you are a mall shopper, and the thought of recycling items makes you ill then maybe you should not continue reading this post. If trash to treasure makes you uneasy or finding a hidden gem is scary….then this is definitely NOT the blog post for you.

BUT, if you are like me and are up for some treasure hunting and like to use your creativity for good, then you’ll love today’s Christmas experiment post.  I personally love old things. Things with a story. Things with character. I’m not a big fan of the mass produced if it can be helped.  So, I noticed when browsing the site today that there are lots of holiday decorations for cheap. You can go online and bid for an item–similar to the whole Ebay thing.  I noticed some vintage Christmas balls for the tree, still in the original boxes. Talk about character. They looked beautiful.  They would be perfect for the tree if you don’t have young children or pets that would grab them….or in a pretty bowl to set on your table. Or to hang from your windows with a bit of ribbon.  I also saw a ton of nativity scenes.  (Why anyone would want to get rid of their nativity scene is beyond me.) How about pieces for a Christmas village or the piece de resistance…a box of  four Christopher Radko ornaments? (a guy who designs and makes gorgeous glass ornaments) Some stuff is kitchy and not really what I’m interested in, but a true “yard sale junkie” loves the thrill of the hunt for that one thing that makes it all worth while.  You know what I mean.

So, go have some fun. Check it out.  Even if you don’t want to buy anything right now….you might get some good ideas.  Who knows you might find the perfect holiday piece, for very little money. With a little TLC you could give it an entirely new life….at YOUR house for Christmas.