Family Picture Wreath

People, the Christmas Experiment is like a snowball. The more I get rolling the bigger it gets!

I saw a super neat idea the other day for a unique indoor Christmas wreath.

Go find an old wire hanger. We all have these hangers around the house….somewhere. (I now prefer the plastic kind, but I still have a ton of the wire ones around….most in the hall closet.)  Bend the wire hanger into a circle to make a form for your wreath.  You can either use original family pictures (of various sizes) or if you don’t want to take the chance of messing up your pics, you can make color copies of them (if you have a copier).  Either take some scotch tape or some of that sticky tack  stuff to attach your pics to your wire wreath form.  Arrange the pics so some overlap others.  If you are feeling extremely festive you can get some ribbon and make a bow to hang from your wreath.  Hang your wreath in a place that it is easily visible to visitors. Family will have a fun time looking at your creative wreath full of family memories from years past.

(P.S.) This can also be done with the fronts of Christmas cards if you are just too squeamish to use your actual pictures.  Christmas cards will also be colorful and fun to look at:)