Man Who Snapped? Or Terrorist?

This crazy man who let loose on the soldiers and civilians at Ft. Hood last Friday…did he just snap or was he a terrorist?
After hearing what others have had to say about him and his personal activities it really has to make one wonder. It for sure was premeditated. He was giving personal possessions away before this whole thing went down. He was yelling Islamic exclamations before shooting people, and he obviously had back up ammo to be able to mow down 13 people….and wound 29.
I really have about had it with the media telling us that Islam is a religion of peace. My last blog was about the Muslim father who ran over his daughter because she was too westernized. Then Friday this massacre occurs in Texas with the guy yelling “Allah” as he murders everyone in sight.
And the real kicker is the media said over the weekend….the poor man was harassed in the military. Oh, boo hoo! Give me a break! I don’t care what anyone said he had no right to kill all those people. None. I think that is all just a ruse anyway. I think he knew full well what he was doing. He CHOSE this for himself.
And by the way, Mr. President where are you during all this? Haven’t heard much from you about this awful thing that happened in Texas. You very briefly said something….not a whole lot of sympathy for those who died, or those that lost loved ones. How come?