Her Father Murdered Her

I saw on the news again today that a young American woman of middle-eastern descent was killed by her father.  This is so repulsive to me. HE RAN HER OVER WITH HIS CAR!!!  His reasoning was that she was becoming too westernized.  He rather her be dead then be westernized.  THEN FOR CRYING OUT LOUD WHY DID HE MOVE HIS FAMILY TO THE UNITED STATES????  A child is supposed to be able to depend on their parents for unconditional love, support, and advice.  How terrible it must have been for her, as her last dying thought, to know that her own FATHER was her murderer.

There is far too much of this going on in the world.  These “honor killings” (and I use the word honor very loosely in that description) are right here on our doorstep in America.  All to often I hear on the news of young women whose fathers or brothers have taken it upon themselves to “save the family honor” by KILLING their own daughters or sisters.  Most of us don’t see that as honor. It is weakness. When men disfigure or kill women because those women don’t agree with them, or aren’t living up to some preordained “standards” then those men (a.k.a killers)  are nothing but weak bullies.

Yes, this makes me irate.  This kind of deadly behavior happens in countries around the world…..and now it is infiltrating my country too.  And I for one am mad about it.