Wanting To Knock On The Door Of Small Town America

It is still a dream of mine. A dream I’ve had for several years. One I’d like to accomplish before I die. Hopefully, I will have many years to work on the project:)

I’ve mentioned before that I want to write a book about small town America. I long to travel the entire 50 states visiting the towns that many people have never heard of.  Places that are home to many wonderful Americans. Places that have not lost their appeal.  Places that have survived the years. Time has moved on…but yet parts have stayed the same.  I want to search for the stories that will make readers long “to be there”.  Secretly wishing that they just lived down the street.

I want to hear the life changing stories of the locals…as well as the mundane routines that get them through the day. I believe everyone has a story to tell.  There are those people that are natural born story tellers that can weave a story that captures the listener from the very first breath. Sometimes a story is stuck inside a person, but with some gentle prodding a real gem emerges. It just requires some polishing before it really shines!  Some stories might make us laugh. Some would surely make us cry. Some would create pride in our collective heart while others might cause us to gasp in surprise. All would make us think.

Many of you might be like  me… and I suspect you probably are. In a world that is at times chaotic, it is comforting to sit down with a good book.  Many times words, whether uttered or written, can be soothing to the soul.


To my readers:  Any suggestions for a small town (let’s say 5,000 residents or less) in your state? Where would you suggest I visit?