God and America

In the news last week there was a story about a fireman who was let go because he put a small American flag on his locker.  Another story was an apartment complex administrator that told a couple that they couldn’t fly the American flag. (their son is in the service)  Today I saw a story where a man at Home Depot was fired for wearing a pin that said “under God–indivisible” (part of our pledge).

What is the deal people? What is happening in our country? Seems like it is no longer politcally correct to mention God or America. We have to bend over backwards to not hurt anyones feelings. We have to be all inclusive, to the detriment of the majorities beliefs. After all we can’t be offensive. Why no! That is not politically correct.

If being PC means I have to tramp on my own country or water down my religious beliefs….then forget it.  Being PC isn’t important AT ALL.

I’m going to be starting a short series on our American history. I’m calling it God and America. Make sure to check it out this week.

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