Being A Llama Mama

Okay…I’ve mentioned before that I have “a thing” for llamas.  I didn’t know I had such a love of llamas until we moved to Ohio and had an entire pasture of the creatures directly across the road from us. Every day when I go to get our mail I chat with the llamas.  Don’t shake your head at me (I know you are).  They understand me. They know I am smitten with them—and they use it to their advantage. They are very curious animals and come right up to the fence to stare at me.  I’m sure I am a sight to behold.  They cock their ears and turn them inward which to me, always makes them look like they are questioning what is going on.  I am totally in love with the teenage llama who resembles a life size cotton ball at this stage of her life.  I’ve named her Vanilla and the male that was born at the same time is dark brown and I of course named him Chocolate.  The fact that I have an obsession with icecream is totally beside the point.

The other night my 14 year old son and I were out taking a walk. As we passed by the llama field they all started to follow us in a single file line. I sort of felt like the Pied Piper of llama land.  As soon as they figured out that we were not the ones that were going to feed them they stopped and sniffed and decided they would just continue to munch on the grass.  About this time we heard what can only be described as a loud scream. Looking to the left we saw two males (in a separate pen) doing some sort of dominance dance. Lots of chest butting, screaming and neck wrestling going on. I had already done research on my favorite creatures and knew that young males do this kind of thing with each other. It’s normal….but boy was it exciting to watch. Kind of like Wild Kingdom in our own front yard. I wish I would have had my camera.

Mama llama got loose the week before last. (She is Vanilla’s mommy–and maybe Chocolate’s, I’m not sure)  The girl is smart. She’s escaped more then once and seems to have a thing for the grass (which at this point is mostly weeds) in our front yard. She prances around as if to say, “haha! I’m over here and you all are still stuck in there!”  Eventually, the owners capture their escapee. She had her fun though….sidestepping her captors on more then one occasion. Of course, I was loving watching the whole event unfolding in my front yard and driveway.  Who says the country life is boring? I’ve had more fun watching the llamas then watching cable TV.

We’ve been at our new house (officially) since July. I have not had the courage to go to my neighbors house yet, and introduce myself.  I’m afraid I might come across as the wacko neighbor. The lover of llama drama.  I want to ask them if I would be allowed to pet the llamas or if I should not do that for fear of having my hand bitten off. That would really ruin my view of them if the llamas caused me trauma. I did find out in my research that llamas rarely spit at humans.  Which is good to know. They usually just share that treat with each other. (Females spit a wad at their male persuers to let them know to get away they aren’t interested! Sometimes it is a dominance type of thing with the males. Oh the joys of spit!)  So, I might get enough courage to go over to the neighbors house, introduce myself  and start pelting them with llama questions. I might possibly end up with the reputation as the neighborhood nutjob.  Oh well…… there are worse things in life.