Caroline Costa

My husband and I have become huge fans of a sweet 13 year old, French girl (or she might be Moroccan) . She was a contestant in the French talent show “Incroyable Talent” in 2008. This girl has the most beautiful voice and incredible stage presence for a child her age.
She sang many of her songs in English though her native language is French. I can’t understand a word of what she is saying when she is talking with the judges of the show….nor can I understand the judges…..but one can read the body language. (Plus I just love to listen to the French language–it sounds beautiful even if I can only pick out a few words I know.) The judges loved her too!

With the confidence and charisma of a true showman, her charm has the audience and the judges eating out of her hand…

Check her out on YouTube at: New York, New York

Christina Aguilara’s, Hurt

My Heart Will Go On from Titanic (semi final)

I Will Always Love You

Merci Beaucoup,  Caroline!!!


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