Caroline Costa

My husband and I have become huge fans of a sweet 13 year old, French girl (or she might be Moroccan) . She was a contestant in the French talent show “Incroyable Talent” in 2008. This girl has the most beautiful voice and incredible stage presence for a child her age.
She sang many of her songs in English though her native language is French. I can’t understand a word of what she is saying when she is talking with the judges of the show….nor can I understand the judges…..but one can read the body language. (Plus I just love to listen to the French language–it sounds beautiful even if I can only pick out a few words I know.) The judges loved her too!

With the confidence and charisma of a true showman, her charm has the audience and the judges eating out of her hand…

Check her out on YouTube at: New York, New York

Christina Aguilara’s, Hurt

My Heart Will Go On from Titanic (semi final)

I Will Always Love You

Merci Beaucoup,  Caroline!!!

Nobel Peace Prize–WHAT?!

Just a short blog today. I cannot believe that the president won the Nobel Prize. To me, this demeans the honor of getting this prize. What has Barak Obama done, or should I say, accomplished in this short amount of time to deserve this honor? NOT A THING…that’s what! Do you know that the application for this prize would have had to be placed ONLY 12 DAYS into his presidency? What did he do in 12 days to even put him close to being considered for the Nobel Peace Prize? I’d like to know.