Singing For The President

Several blogs back I talked about some books written about Barak Obama that are specifically targeting young children. I was concerned because I felt like the books were almost messianic in their text. I believe that reading biographies about a president is fine. Children should know who the president is and what he is about….but I also believe that there is a fine line between facts about a person that is in the office of president and making the president sound like he is MORE than just a mere man. Mr. Obama is not a savior figure and I don’t like that tone to be used in literature for young, impressionable children.

This morning a friend sent me this video that she had seen on the internet.  This friend actually lives in Europe and she said that she finds this video unsettling. It reminds her of the historical videos of Hitler’s youth. (Keep in mind that this friend is not American, she is looking at it objectively as someone not directly involved in the politics of the USA.)

This video disturbs me. It bothers me more than the books. Why? Because the children are singing (actively participating) about the president as if he is a savior figure.  I wonder if these  children’s parents had to give permission for them to sing in this  little ensemble? Do the children even know what the words mean or are they just singing to the catchy tune? You better believe that their teacher, or music director or whoever the adult in the backgroud is, KNOWS.  Her political opinion is quite obvious.  Why not sing patriotic songs about AMERICA? Why sing about a single man? I was involved in the education system for 36 years of my 41 years of life.  First as a student myself  in kindergarten through college graduation, then as a public school teacher for 17 years, and now as a home schooler. Never did we have a song elevating a specific president like this video shows. Did we celebrate the office of president? Yes. On presidents day did we study the history of the presidents? Sure.  Over the years there were patriotic celebrations. But NEVER in all those years, in different school systms, in different states, in rural and inner city schools did I EVER hear songs singing the praises of just that ONE  man in particular. I feel this song steps over the line. It is alarmingly close to propaganda.

I believe that the office of president should be respected. As citizens we don’t all have to agree on policy. We are allowed to voice our opinion. I do not appreciate that if, as a conservative, I disagree on something that Mr. Obama wants to do…that, that makes me a racist or unAmerican. That is a completely juvenile thing to say, and yet this is what is being tossed about.  I turn on the TV and the media makes me feel like if I’m not on board with the “changes” that are occuring then there is something wrong with me. That is ridiculous. I do believe there is a change alright. Just not a change that we all can believe in.

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