I just finished reading the newspaper/local TV new site from Knoxville, Tennessee.  I  recently moved from there after being in east Tennessee for 23 years. (Go Vols!) I like to keep up with the news of the area. I saw one article that talked about how liquid Tamiflu for children (or for those who are unable to take pills) is running low. Evidently the liquid they mix the medication with is being depleted.  I guess because of all the people who have flu symptoms and so the doctors give prescriptions for this Tamiflu. The article went on to say that this medication only decreases the flu by maybe one or two days because it keeps the flu virus from replicating.  Well, 2 more days of the flu or a medicine that costs in the 70-80 dollar range? A lot of people are out of work or don’t have insurance so I guess if those people get sick they will just be forced to suck it up and tough it out.

The article went on to say that doctors are giving  Tamiflu prescriptions to family members of those that are ill. It is “preventative” to keep the flu from passing through the family. Hmm……. So, the other people in the family take the meds.  The next week they are out in the community (school, church, Wmart) and they come in contact with a person that has the flu (be it the “regular” seasonal flu or H1N1). If they get the flu, they’ll need more Tamiflu, right? Since they already took it as a preventative will their Tamiflu medication not work as well this time?  And what again about the expense?

Seems to me that if a person is normally healthy, doesn’t have a compromised immune system, or no respiratory problems then shouldn’t a person’s natural defenses kick in? I know the big Pharmacy companies are probably LOVING this because hey, let’s face it, sickness equals money for them….and lots of it!