Zap It!

I don’t usually blog about products, but today I am.  I have come across the most awesomest (is that a word?!) “tool”.  The thingy is called The Original Bug Zapper by Zap Master.  Have you ever seen those bug lamps people have out on their porches or decks? The kind that makes a zap/sizzle noise when the bug hits the light? WELL….. the past several weeks we have had a fly/gnat problem at our new house.  Anytime a door was opened, about 50 billion bugs joined our family. Ugh! It was driving us all crazy.

The other day at Walmart my husband showed me this thing he had found to kill flying bugs. I said, “let’s get it”. Now this thing looks just like a badmitton racket. The “racket” is strung with little pieces of wire and is powered with 2 AA batteries.  You use it like a fly swatter but it zaps the bugs…..okay, well it electrocutes them in mid air. Don’t be sad….they don’t even know what hit them. Literally. Now, don’t go calling PETA or anything….it’s just gnats and flys, well and an occasional moth. When the bug hits the racket it not only makes that zap sound, but the electricity turns the wire a blue color. I was so excited to get rid of the pests that I was running around the house like Luke Skywalker with his light saber. May the force be with you.  Take that!!!! Zap! Zap!

Our house is now a much nicer place and I can actually cook in the kitchen without having to bat away flies and gnats. (and believe me they were very pesky….and on my last nerve) Our house is now a bug free zone……but I have my Zapper out and ready for use….just in case.