NEA is a nightmare!

As a new school teacher I was expected to join the National Education Association. I was young and naive, so I signed up and paid some very healthy dues to belong to this teacher’s union. After several years I started doing some research on the NEA…on my own. I didn’t just listen to what I was being told by NEA reps. When I started digging more deeply into what the NEA supports AND funds (with my dues money!) I knew I had to get out….and get out quickly.

NEA is a huge union of  educational professionals.  I was under the mistaken assumption that they cared about our country’s children and those that taught these children.  I thought my dues money was going towards supporting educational policies…policies that would help the system.  I was wrong. So wrong.

I’d like to submit an article that I read recently that gives just a small window into the mind of   “the elite” of the NEA. (because I believe many teachers don’t know the real truth…and if they did they’d be appalled. )

Peter Heck wrote an excellent article that deserves to be read.

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