Joe Lives Under The Tub

Joe is very nervous and likes to not be disturbed. Loud noises scare him. So, Joe has decided to live under the whirlpool tub in the master bathroom. Yeah, you heard me. Under it. Oh, did I forget to mention that Joe is one of the two indoor cats that we own? Joe is a big scaredy cat. Any noise and he thinks someone is out to get him, and he runs for the hills….or in his case the bathroom. When we first moved to our new house, here in lovely rural Ohio we thought Joe had escaped when a door was accidently left open.

We fretted for two days and feared the worst.  We thought maybe he had made a nice, chubby, abeit furry dinner for some wild animal.  Domestic indoor cat ala mode. My husband and I even walked around the area calling his name, hoping that the corn would part and Joe would miraculously appear before us in all of his black and white furriness. Nothing.

The morning after our search I was um……sitting in the bathroom, minding my own business so to speak. I began to hear an ever so soft, but undeniable scratching sound. My first thought was, “We had better not have mice in this brand spanking new house!” I leaned over from my sitting position and put my ear against the wall…..listening for the sound of some measly rodent. I didn’t hear anything in the wall.  As I’m leaving the bathroom I heard it again! This time I looked down to see Joe emerging from the back underside of the tub. (we have a garden style tub that sits in a corner and you can’t really see all the way back in there) Well, after giving Joe what for, for his thoughtless behavior of hiding for the past two days, I pet him. He was happy to see me, the big goof ball.

I went and told my half asleep husband that Joe, the prodigal cat, had returned…..okay, so he didn’t run away but he did hide and that is just as bad…especially, when you are sure that he is dead and half eaten. So now, if you should ever come to visit and have to use the master bathroom….don’t be surprised if you have company.

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